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Investigating Choice Experiments Capability Measure for Adults (ICECAP-A)
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Basic Information

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Investigating Choice Experiments Capability Measure for Adults (ICECAP-A)
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Short description
The ICE-CAP-A is a capability measure for the general adult population. Unlike the EQ-5D (which focuses on health), the ICA-CAP-A focuses on wellbeing defined in a broader sense and may therefore be a more appropriate measure for mental illness. It was developed in the UK.
PCCC or QoL? ?
This compendium contains patient-reported measures that are either designed to specifically measure aspects of Person Centred Co-Ordinated Care (P3C), or alternatively tools that are designed to measure some aspect of Quality of Life (QoL) or Health Related Quality of Life (hrQoL). All the measures in this compendium have been broadly categorised into one of those two concepts.
Quality of Life
Type of measure ?
The measures in this compendium can take a variety of forms. Generally, they will be either Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROM) or Patient Reported Experience Measure (PREM). However, we have also included a few measures that are completed by proxy-individual (PROXY), which are useful in instances where the respondent cannot answer directly (e.g. dementia or end of life). Sometimes, these measures can even be a composite of these types, and target both experiences and outcomes – we have labelled these measures “PROEMs”.

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